ENVISION Festival - February 2020

Uvita, Costa Rica

Imagine a place where you can be your true authentic self. A place where you can express yourself on all levels, dive deep within and discover things and layers of yourself you hadn’t previously tapped into.

Nestled just outside of Uvita, Costa Rica, where the rainforested mountains meet the warm pacific ocean, is where Envision Festival takes place each year and has grown into one of the most immersive and eco-conscious festivals in the world.

I never been to Envision before, and this special occasion 10 years anniversary brought me there. 

I got the chance to pimp some parts of La Sombra, a chill VIP area inside the fest.

Me and Sebastian spend an immersive pre-week before the festival starts. The art directors let me all the freedom to be creative about painting the doors of private cabinas and an entire mural at the entry of La Sombra. 

A big thanks to all the festivaleros, La Sombra and all my family-friends for this unforgettable moments. 

OCASO Festival - January 2020

La Senda - Tamarindo, Costa Rica


Located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Northern Pacific coast of Costa Rica, the festival returned for its third year, bringing back thousands of underground electronic music enthusiasts who got to experience a party in beach paradise for six days.

Ocaso aims to highlight a diverse array of artists and music genres under the house and techno umbrella.

During 6 six days, me and 6 other artists from different artistic world gonna have entire freedom to create live and make the show as we are at the principal alley of the festival. 

It was challenging and the conditions were nothing like I experienced before, on the 3rd days we just exploded  with the music and start to explore all the mediums accessible to play around and create many textures. 

I've been honored to share that space with talented artists during those 6 intense days, to be able to start painting at 1 am and go dance with my friends later on under the deep sounds of techno. 

Shouts out to Mike who invited me be part of this full arts and sounds experience, and big thanks to all the artists I shared some time.