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Mural projects 

Discover stunning visual narratives in our Mural Projects section. Dive into a world where walls transform into canvases, showcasing the creativity between clients ideas and my own interpretation.

Explore a diverse collection of murals that capture the essence of biodiversity, nature, and imagination. Let each masterpiece transport you to new realms of inspiration and wonder. Welcome to a gallery of storytelling through artistry

April 2023

Kelly's Home

Nude palm leaves in movement were added in some of the rooms to invite local nature vibe indoor.

July 2023

Solaris, Santa Ana

Working along with Erika the architect, the idea was to continuing the view of the stunning green outdoor space appreciable from the large kitchen window.

IMG_4504 2_edited.jpg

September 2023

Foresta Condominium

Adding local flora into the deluxe bedroom of this calm and cozy airbnb in the heart of Playa Jaco. 

April 2023

Solaris, Santa Ana

First of the two handpainted mural recreating a forest ambiance inspired by the outdoor nature, cool tones were requested by the client to match the black and white fourniture of the kitchen. 

IMG_4294 2_edited_edited.jpg

June 2023

Casa Move

Abstract design and nude colors for this open air terrasse with a gorgeous jungle view.

April 2022

Airbnb, Playa Jaco

Palm leaves shadows mural with different layers in the living room where the morning light bring the whole mural to life.


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